Organizational Engineering

Regardless of its size or complexity, the entirety of a technical system is only one part of an organization, whose other systems include culture, structure, processes, and training. An organization is a type of “artificial life form”: if its systems are not in alignment with one another, then it becomes weakened and susceptible to illness.

Process improvement, quality improvement, change management, and many similar incremental initiatives are often prescribed to improve organizational health. Unfortunately, they bring their own costs and complications, and they often do not address systemic root causes. What organizations typically need is “gene therapy”: remediation of oversights, flaws, and shortcomings in their fundamental design.

Sugar Creek Solutions can provide assessment, analysis, and recommendations – a “wellness exam” – for organizations of any size, in any market or industry. That same systems approach then can facilitate the design and implementation of positive organizational change that addresses underlying issues and susceptibilities, thereby producing consistent, scalable, and sustainable improvement for the organization.

  • Comprehensive understanding, in place of assumptions & best guesses
  • Intentional design & structure, in place of ad-hoc emergence
  • Continuous cultivation of inherent quality, in place of episodic interventions and external patches

Just imagine your organization or department running more efficiently, more effectively, with greater personal and professional satisfaction for you and for everyone else involved…

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