Company History

Sugar Creek Solutions LLC (SCS) was formed in 2003 to devise strategy, to envision systems, and to design specialized products for the patient-room space of healthcare. As those products and their surrounding systems became more complex, SCS assisted systems-integrators and hospitals in understanding, designing, implementing and troubleshooting those multi-vendor technical systems. SCS then developed an innovative, transdisciplinary model of organizations as sociotechnical systems to understand and to manage better the complex interdependency of organizational culture, structure, processes, and learning with technology.

Now, Sugar Creek Solutions utilizes that approach and model to improve the processes, quality, and overall performance of hospitals, companies, and other organizations across a wide range of industries, markets and skill sets.

Vision Statement

Sugar Creek Solutions imagines a world where organizations – purpose-driven human collaborations – are healthy, vibrant, resilient, agile, continuously learning, continuously improving, efficient with resources, and highly effective in delivering high-quality value in pursuit of their respective missions.

Mission Statement

Sugar Creek Solutions is a leading advocate and practitioner of transdisciplinary, integrative, holistic Organizational Engineering that understands, designs, analyzes, and improves organizations as sociotechnical systems, even as “artificial life forms”: to encourage and equip them to be the best that they can be, and to make the world a little better, one organization at a time.